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There once was a girl who loved fashion more than anything in this world...

This by all means was not an exaggeration. This girl lived and breathed fashion.

But she could not draw and sketch, she could not sew, and she loved food far too much to model. For a while she was lost and wondered the fashion world, trying her luck in retail and marketing positions, until one day she saw a problem that needed solving. A gap in the market one could say.

You see, this girl wasn’t your typical fashion lover. While she had a big admiration for fashion houses such as Chanel, Fendi, Dior, these brands were out of her budget majority of the time. She would treat herself with the occasional luxury purchase by saving up from her monthly salaries, but ultimately she was inclined to mix it up and combine high end with high street.

But the girl had trouble finding new emerging designers who had a reasonable price point. Small brands had a minimal online presence, since they lacked the funds to finance an online store and all the logistics around it. Very few e-commerce retailers took the risk in stocking new fashion brands, because in fashion new meant unpredictable, and nobody wanted to see their money hanging… abandoned in a warehouse facility.

So this girl knew that there were many great designers out there, but they had no platform to showcase their talent. Imagine Coco Chanel never opening her boutique on 31 Rue Cambon. Imagine the tweed suit never being created. What a fashion tragedy that would have been.

So the girl made a decision that would change her life forever She would create a platform that was in alignment with the kind of fashion she was looking for. A platform that would allow new fashion talents to showcase their collections and introduce them to the market!

Ultimately the girl wanted to create a place where women came to find clothes that would make them feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. Clothes of good quality with flattering silhouettes. Clothes that empowered them and reminded them of their worth.

… and that is how Moda Market was born.

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